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Previous Projects


Over the years Friends of Ahotokurom have supported a huge number of projects.
Enyindakurom Building Project


This project was the complete rebuilding of the squat called ‘Camp’ into ’Enyindakurom’ ("The village we did not expect"). Although the UK National Lottery contributed, we still had to raise a third of the funds ourselves. So many parishes in Southwark, especially Rainham, Catford and Carshalton, helped out. For more information about the building project see the history section of this web site.

Building the Shops


The shops were built in memory of Sean Murphy RIP by his family in honour of his life and aware of the fact that he too had established a family business in his life time.


In years gone by this village was a “squat” for people with leprosy and at this time it was set back from the road and nobody would come near the village never mind trade with the people there. In 2001, once the new village had been built, local people began to accept those with leprosy and were less fearful because the environment was clean. It was decided to open a market and shops in order to encourage people to trade with the villagers and also to create a way for people to generate an income.


Buiding the Market


Family and Friends of Kevin Collier RIP raised funds in his memory to enable a ‘trading centre‘ to be built in his memory.


Pictured here early one Sunday morning it is hard to imagine the trade activity taking place! Not only is this a valuable market area but the children also gather here on rainy evenings as it provides a sheltered meeting place.

The First Washing Machine At Child Care


The washing machine was donated by Philips Electronics and Friends of Ahotokurom arranged for it to be shipped out to the centre and plumbed into the very first laundry!



The harsh bush roads are VERY demanding on a vehicle.


In 2007 we helped to purchase a bus suitable to transport the children to schools, the elderly to hospital appointments and the disabled children into the Special Unit. Funders came from Ireland and Holland as well as significant donations from Carshalton Parish.


In 2012 the 4 wheel drive car finally gave up the ghost and once again we assisted with raising funds for a small minibus.

Special Education Centre


The Special Education Centre really began to take off once “Jamie’s room”, a specially adapted classroom with access to kitchen facilities, was created in memory of Jamie, a young boy from Rainham Parish who died tragically at the age of 10.

Community Centre at Enyindakurom


The community centre was the first concrete building to be built in the ‘Camp’. It was completed in 1996 through fundraising from Christ the King Sixth Form College in Lewisham. This was the first concrete building in the village and led to the idea and connections between Ahotokurom and the UK that eventually resulted in the complete rebuild of the village!


Christ the King Sixth Form College in Lewisham also raised funds to build a new mass centre/meeting place for the elderly residents of St Clare’s and a concrete path so that they could use their wheelchairs to get there!



Community Centre at Koful


Ahotokorum's outreach programme includes supporting neighbouring villages. The nearest village is Koful and the Sisters highlighted the need to replace the semi-derelict and completely unserviceable building that was once its Meeting Centre. Time had taken its toll.


The Sisters arranged for the planning and construction as well as raising the finance for a Community Centre replacement. The new building is used as a school, meeting centre and district nurse's clinic as well as holding receptions following village marriages and funerals.


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