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About Ahotokurom


Ahotokurom near Cape Coast in Ghana was set up 1983 to provide practical support to leprosy sufferers and their families, with rehabilitation as the primary focus. This work has expanded over the years, and the centre is now officially called Padre Pio Rehabilitation Centre.


Ahotokurom, meaning "Place of Serenity", is a centre of Christian hospitality for the marginalised, disabled and disadvantaged. Dedicated workers provide social care services and education in the broadest sense, encouraging personal growth and independence.


Social work is not a field that is practised widely in Ghana, and very little welfare is being provided by the government. However, there are many groups of people who are in real need of support. Ahotokurom provides services to the surrounding villages and the city Cape Coast:


  • Child Care Centre

  • Special Needs School

  • Residential Home for the Elderly

  • Social Housing

  • Scholarship Schemes

  • IT Training Centre


The sisters of the catholic congregation Daughters of Mary and Joseph run the work of the centre, with the support of the management board and many other facilitators around the world.



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