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About the Friends




The purpose of Friends of Ahotokurom is to act as a vehicle giving practical expression to the love and concern of people in the UK for their brothers and sisters in Ghana, who have suffered through leprosy or disability and are being supported by Ahotokurom.


In friendship we give time, support, ideas, prayers and financial support. In friendship they give prayers, support, feedback, inspiration and help us to raise our understanding of the issues and real needs of people facing disadvantage in the developing world.


Friends of Ahotokurom is not specifically a fundraising group or organisation. Our formation and reason for existence is about a connection, a relationship between people in the UK and in Ghana.


In raising awareness of the work of Ahotokurom and the issues people face, we and other people often wish to express solidarity by giving time, gifts in kind, or money.


The Work Of Friends


Friends of Ahotokurom meet as an associated group of the DMJ sisters to support the work of Ahotokurom. We aim to raise the profile of the work in the UK and enable others to get involved in this mission. There are several aspects to our work:


  • Publicity - circulating a newsletter to supporters twice a year, maintaining the web site and providing photos for displays.

  • Sponsorship - administering a small sponsorship scheme for children in need.

  • Parish/Group Support - enabling and facilitating groups who require information and support to raise funds for any part of the work.

  • Response to Special Appeals - providing Ahotokurom with special help when necessary, through raising funds, or sharing skills and expertise.


We meet twice a year to exchange news from Ahotokurom; to report on the financial aspects of the work and to discuss progress on fund raising or projects being undertaken.


A small committee take on specific responsibilities but many, many others support with donations and so on.


Friends of Ahotokurom members are all volunteers and so every penny donated goes directly to support the work of Ahotokurom – none is used for administration.



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