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Ahotokurom is in the south of Ghana in Africa. It is located near Cape Coast, about 200km from the capital, Accra. Ahotokurom is approximately 6km from Enyindakurom. When the Fransiscans and DMJs started their mission to the leprosy sufferers living at Ankaful camp, nobody would sell land to them as they were going to care for leprosy sufferers. So they had to purchase land in the bush, far off the beaten track.


Enyindakurom is situated on the main road near the old Leprosarium. This is now run by the state as a 'general hospital' but, in reality, this is one of the few places leprosy sufferers will be treated. Enyindakurom replaced the old Ankaful Camp where leprosy sufferers, discharged from the leprosarium and unable to return home, had squatted. In 1998, the government gave the land that Enyindakurom is built on to the Archdiocese so that the houses could be built. The archdiocese leases the land to the people (free) so that they are no longer squatters.

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